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As a roofing contractor my life is full of interesting experiences and no two days are the same. For a roofing contractor every day is a new adventure. I sit here thinking about different re-roof jobs; I would like to write about one particular Bellevue re-roof job that comes to mind that North Creek Roofing completed. This was not your typical re-roof job in Bellevue; this job came with its own set of challenges. Just to get to the home from the main street you had to proceed down a long, steep, windy driveway. The home was two stories and sat perched on a hillside, which made it almost three stories in the back. There was a lot of beautiful landscaping around the home, so extra care had to be used to protect the plants and shrubs. The roof was a very steep (12/12 pitch) with a lot of different gables and independent roof surfaces. Flashings at roof to wall intersections and around the chimney were in bad shape or nonexistent. This re-roof job in Bellevue was going to be a challenge but was something North Creek Roofing was used to. We are roofing contractors with a passion for roofing.

Before work could be started on this particular re-roof job, a Bellevue city re-roof permit was needed. If you are replacing or altering roof sheathing, which we needed to install new ½” CDX plywood over the old ship-lap-deck, then a Bellevue city permit is needed. This was fairly quick and easy and we were able to apply for the Bellevue permit online.

When the day came to start roofing this Bellevue home, a lot of detail was spent on setup. With the steep and windy driveway we were not able to get our delivery trucks or our dumpster container down to the house; everything had to be packed in and packed out with our 1-ton dump truck. With all the landscaping around this Bellevue home we had to setup tarps, plywood and make custom shoots to keep the grounds protected as best as possible. As professional roofing contractors we need to do what it takes to protect the home owners property and also get the job done right. This is not always an easy task but it is one we are dedicated to.

Before we could start tearing the old roof off, roof jacks and planks were installed along the gutter edges. Roof jacks and planks are a must with the steep 12/12 pitch roof like this home in Bellevue. With jacks and boards installed, it makes for a nicer and safer platform to work from and stops debris from sliding off the roof. There are a great many tools and resources for a roofing contractor and on this job we pretty much pulled all of them out.

The roofing was a three-tab style shingle (a very common roof for this particular Bellevue area) that had seen better days. There were two layers of roofing over a ship-lap-deck. The ship-lap was a mess with large gaps between boards and multiple knot holes. Since the roof deck was in such bad shape we installed ½” CDX plywood over the roof deck. By installing a layer of CDX plywood it covered over the voids and knot holes in the ship-lap-deck making for a nice smooth deck for the new roof to be installed over. Since we were installing new plywood decking, the city of Bellevue Building Inspector is required to come out and approve the installation of the plywood before the shingles are in

Because of the 12/12 pitch and height of this Bellevue home all the material had to be loaded onto the roof with a special piece of equipment; called a laddervator. The laddervator is basically a small electric conveyor belt on a ladder that brings the material up to the gutter edge one bundle at a time. The use of a laddervator is a lot safer than having crew members hand pack the material up a ladder and conserves crew energy and time. I recall when I first became a roofing contractor and my view of what the job is and what tools are involved has changed a great deal. There is so much more to being a roofing contractor than I first thought when I began in this career long ago.stalled.

The chimney of this particular Bellevue home was a mess. There was no counter flashing around the base of the chimney, just a nice thick coat of tar to keep the water out. This meant we needed to pick away the old tar and cut in new counter flashing into the chimney. With new counter flashing installed we were able to properly step flash and pan flash the chimney, which made for a proper water tight seal.

The flashing at all the roof to wall intersections had to be replaced, which is what we do on all North Creek Roofing re-roof jobs. With this particular Bellevue re-roof home the siding went right down to the roof deck with a lot of areas that were sealed with tar instead of flashing. This meant the first row of siding had to be removed wherever flashing was needed and then the siding was reinstalled after the flashing was installed.

The attic ventilation on this Bellevue re-roof job was in need of an upgrade, the only venting for the attic were the gable vents at all the gable ends. To upgrade the attic ventilation we installed a baffled ridge ventilation system along with the addition of intake vents. The ridge ventilation is a continuous vent that is installed at all the horizontal ridge lines, which eliminates the need for individual box vents and unneeded penetrations through the roof. This Bellevue home had no intake venting which is crucial for an attic ventilation system and therefore needed to be installed. The ridge vent is the exhaust vent at the top of the roof, which lets the air out while the intake vents are placed low and let the air in. This placement assures a continuous flow of air, 

moving from bottom to top.

Once the final piece of ridge cap was installed the cleanup was started. This involved the roof area and the landscaping around the house. For the final cleanup on the roof, blowers were used to blow loose debris’s off the roof surface. Then all the gutters and downspouts are cleaned out to remove any debris that may have gotten in them during the roofing project and cleanup. For the landscaping around the house the crew walked around the property picking up small bits of roof debris and loose nails. A large magnetic roller was also used to help catch any missed nails around the grounds, sidewalks and driveways.

After a week and a half of work our Bellevue re-roof job was completed. On completion our production manager walked the job making sure everything was installed correctly and as planned. The Bellevue City Inspector was then called to perform their final inspection and sign off on the Bellevue permit. Sometimes, as a roofing contractor the roof you work on is pretty straight forward and sometimes a roofing contractor needs to be prepared to handle a complex and demanding situation. In the end, the goal is the same, provide a quality roof to the home owner.

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