cedarshakeWith so many options for roofing, it may be hard to make a decision. North Creek Roofing offers many options for your roof, We can provide  the very best in cedar roofs. For decades we have been providing residents all throughout Western Washington with the highest quality craftsmanship, products, and customer service.

The beauty and warmth a cedar roof offers can not be replaced. It is a timeless look going back to colonial times. A cedar roof can add tremendous value to your home and properly installed, a cedar roof will last for decades. There are basically two types of cedar roofs; shakes, which are split and shingles, which are sawn.

Hand split shakes show the uneven grain of the wood and offer a rustic look. They are rough on at least one side and typically thicker than shingles. They are offered in a heavy type (3/4” butts) and a medium type (1/2” butts). Felt must be used between each course of shakes. The reveal (exposed portion) is typically 10”.

Cedar shingles are relatively smooth on both sides. They have a very uniform and manicured look. These are the shingles used on historic buildings or colonial style homes. They are offered in a variety of different sizes for different reveals. No felt is necessary with cedar shingles.

There are many reasons to choose a Cedar Shake Roof:

  • As a soft wood, cedar provides superior insulation and noise abatement.
  • Cedar is a high quality wood that is long lasting for any roof.
  • As a dense wood, cedar traps heat during winter and keeps it out during the summer.
  • Our roofers can install cedar roofing in a variety of stains and textures to coordinate with any style of home.
  • Cedar roofing provides an aesthetically pleasing look to any home.
  • Cedar contains natural anti-fungal properties, allowing your roof to last longer.
  • Cedar shakes are durable and will withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • The use of cedar shakes is environmentally friendly because trees are renewable.